{Little Fox} First Birthday Party!


{Lost in Paradise} Message-in-a-Bottle Invitation

{Lost in Paradise} Message-in-a-Bottle Invitation

These Tropical {Lost in Paradise} Themed Message-in-a-Bottle Invitations were designed for a friend, she needed an invitation for a Leaders’ Retreat in Florida. The bottle comes with a rolled invitation printed on ivory paper with hand-torn edges. The background image looks worn like it has been damaged by water. It is tied shut with some twine and a beautiful seashell and rests in some sand, small seashells and blue glass marbles. These would work great for any beach themed party and it is always fun to get one of these invitations in the mail, really unique and fun!

They would go great with the {Sparkling Sea} Favors I have available in The EK Design Store. I’ll have to come up with some more items to complete this Beachy Paradise Theme!

{Disney Cars: Pit Crew} Birthday Party

{Disney Cars Pit Crew} Birthday Party

This is an actual party I threw for my son’s 2nd birthday. Admittedly, this was almost 2 years ago now {I’m slacking a little here} but still a very popular theme with little boys. I’ll be posting some “How-to” tutorials on throwing your own {Disney Cars Pit Crew} Birthday Party. These tutorials will include free printable options courtesy of my {EK Printables} line as well as step by step instructions for each of the items in the party. It was absolutely one of my favorite parties!!

{Posh Peacock Party, Very Cherry Bowling and Super Spider-Man} a Few of My Current Projects

It has been a while since I’ve made a post on my projects. I’ve been busy with life, but still working on my stuff here at EKD. Here is a look at a few of the projects I’ve been working on lately. My Blog got a facelift complete with newly updated logo!!


{Posh Peacock} Birthday Party


I had been working on this one a while ago, {Peacock} seems to be a popular theme. This {Posh Peacock Party} is a Glamorous, Glittery, and just all around Sparkling Party Theme for your Little Diva. Would be good for a Baby Shower Theme for a Mama expecting a little girl as well. I have a {PIN Board} with plenty of ideas to go with this theme. Check The EK Design Store for these items!!

{Very Cherry Bowling}


The {Very Cherry Bowling Party} is a theme specially designed for My Daughter’s 7th Birthday in September. Everything will be available in The EK Design Store after her birthday. This theme was inspired by {Pink Cherries} and {Preppy} patterns and colors. It is not necessarily only for a bowling themed party, it would be cute for a little girl’s golfing party or any number of parties and would be easily converted by just changing the {Bowling Ball and Pins} for another picture. There is a {PIN Board} for this party theme as well with plenty of great ideas to complete a beautiful {Very Cherry Bowling Party}!!

{Super Spider-man} Birthday Party


This {Super Spider-man} themed birthday party is for my Son’s 4th Birthday in August. Everything will be available in the EK Design Store after the party. There will be a theme for each of the Super Heroes, my son’s favorite is Spider-man. They will be able to be mixed and matched if you want to include multiple Super Heroes. The Super Hero Theme is big with boys of all ages, this theme is a little bit of a throw-back to the Classic Spider-man with more of an edgy and updated feeling. There is a {PIN Board} with ideas for these {Super Hero Parties}.

{Sweet Snow White} Printables Birthday Party

Examples-SnowWhiteFinally got the first Party Printables Collection listed in my store {EKPrintables}! Yay, I cannot even describe how much work I have put into this {Hopefully they will get easier to make the more and more experience I get}. The Collection consists of 7 items for now, more will be added as I go.

1) 5″x7″ Invitations

2) 2″ Circle Cupcake Toppers/Tags

3) 3.5″ Circle “Happy Birthday!” Banner

4) Snow White T-Shirt Transfer Images

5) 1″ Circle “Thank You!” Favor Tags

6) Cupcake Wrappers

7) Drink/Bottle Labels

snow white honey=watermarked

This is the first Party Collection in the Princess Printable Parties Line, I’m currently working on {Little Mermaid} and {Cinderella} Birthday Party Collections as well. Each of these Parties will include a Princess from the {Sassy Studio Designs}. This is the Snow White Honey From Sassy Studio Designs, I just love the Little Honeys Line they have!!


Don’t forget about one of my recent posts {Apple Party Favor Tins} They would go great with this theme! Add some Blue, Red and Yellow candies then tie it with a blue ribbon and add a “Thank You!” Favor Tag.


These {Apple Favor Tins} are available in the {Elizabeth Kay Design} Shop on Etsy!

{Apple Party Favor Tins} In Red Glitter, Velvet & Linen


The newest addition to the “Favors” section at Elizabeth Kay Design is {The Apple Favor Tin}. Originally designed as a favor to go with a Snow White Themed Party, but it would also be great as a gift filled with treats for Teacher Appreciation Week. These were inspired by a tag I made a few years ago for Teacher Appreciation week using the same idea, {Apple for the Teacher}. It comes in 3 styles.


Red Glitter: The Red Glitter Apple is made with a Red Glitter Card Stock and a Light Green Glittered Card Stock Leaf, held together by a bronze brad.


Red Velvet: The Red Velvet Apple is Made with a Deep Red Velvet Fabric and a Light Green Textured Fabric Leaf, held together by a bronze brad.


Red Linen: The Red Linen Apple is made with a Deep Red Linen Texture Card Stock and a Light Green Shimmer Linen Texture Card Stock Leaf, held together by a bronze brad.

Like all of my other Favor Tin Designs, these tins are 2″ in diameter and 1″ high. Each favor tin is handmade and will vary in appearance. You can visit Elizabeth Kay Design and purchase this item in groups of 1, 6 or 12.

{Graduation Cap Favor} Assembly Instructions

{Graduation Cap Favor} Assembly Instructions


{Glitter Favor Tins} New Addition to my Etsy Store!

These tins are sold individually in my Etsy Store and can be mixed and matched to go with any party theme. They are good for Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings or any other Party. The Tins measures 2″ in diameter and 1″ high and are pictured with Sixlets candy to show size.

These are the {Black and White} Favor Tins!

These are the {Glitter Damask} Favor Tins!

These are the {Solid Glitter} Favor Tins!

These are the {Glitter Animal Print} Favor Tins!

{Glitter & Glam} Graduation Cap Favor Boxes!

I had a custom order for a {Leopard and Peacock} themed graduation party, super cute! I made Graduation Cap Favor boxes in Glitter Teal, Green, and Purple as well as Glitter Leopard. They are stuffed with mini rolls of Smarties Candies. There is also a matching {Congratulations!} banner and mini banner.

I also tried making a larger version of my Graduation caps, they turned out awesome! So, now I will also be offering a {Large Graduation Cap Favor Box} which is about 2″ tall and 4.5″ in diameter, as opposed to my {Original Graduation Cap Favor Box} that is about 1″ tall and 3″ in diameter. I think next maybe I should try a  {Mini Graduation Cap Favor Box}, I wonder what size those will be?? Please check out my Etsy Store, and do not hesitate to request a custom item!

{Glad We’re in the Same School!} Free Valentine Printable!

Here is a free printable for last minute valentines. Got the idea from a picture on pinterest, just add this and some Swedish Fish to a cellophane bag and tie it shut with a ribbon, Enjoy!!

Same School Valentine