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{Posh Peacock Party, Very Cherry Bowling and Super Spider-Man} a Few of My Current Projects

It has been a while since I’ve made a post on my projects. I’ve been busy with life, but still working on my stuff here at EKD. Here is a look at a few of the projects I’ve been working on lately. My Blog got a facelift complete with newly updated logo!!


{Posh Peacock} Birthday Party


I had been working on this one a while ago, {Peacock} seems to be a popular theme. This {Posh Peacock Party} is a Glamorous, Glittery, and just all around Sparkling Party Theme for your Little Diva. Would be good for a Baby Shower Theme for a Mama expecting a little girl as well. I have a {PIN Board} with plenty of ideas to go with this theme. Check The EK Design Store for these items!!

{Very Cherry Bowling}


The {Very Cherry Bowling Party} is a theme specially designed for My Daughter’s 7th Birthday in September. Everything will be available in The EK Design Store after her birthday. This theme was inspired by {Pink Cherries} and {Preppy} patterns and colors. It is not necessarily only for a bowling themed party, it would be cute for a little girl’s golfing party or any number of parties and would be easily converted by just changing the {Bowling Ball and Pins} for another picture. There is a {PIN Board} for this party theme as well with plenty of great ideas to complete a beautiful {Very Cherry Bowling Party}!!

{Super Spider-man} Birthday Party


This {Super Spider-man} themed birthday party is for my Son’s 4th Birthday in August. Everything will be available in the EK Design Store after the party. There will be a theme for each of the Super Heroes, my son’s favorite is Spider-man. They will be able to be mixed and matched if you want to include multiple Super Heroes. The Super Hero Theme is big with boys of all ages, this theme is a little bit of a throw-back to the Classic Spider-man with more of an edgy and updated feeling. There is a {PIN Board} with ideas for these {Super Hero Parties}.


{Glitter & Glam} Graduation Cap Favor Boxes!

I had a custom order for a {Leopard and Peacock} themed graduation party, super cute! I made Graduation Cap Favor boxes in Glitter Teal, Green, and Purple as well as Glitter Leopard. They are stuffed with mini rolls of Smarties Candies. There is also a matching {Congratulations!} banner and mini banner.

I also tried making a larger version of my Graduation caps, they turned out awesome! So, now I will also be offering a {Large Graduation Cap Favor Box} which is about 2″ tall and 4.5″ in diameter, as opposed to my {Original Graduation Cap Favor Box} that is about 1″ tall and 3″ in diameter. I think next maybe I should try a  {Mini Graduation Cap Favor Box}, I wonder what size those will be?? Please check out my Etsy Store, and do not hesitate to request a custom item!

{Glamor Girl Party: Part 2} Custom Party, Plus a Peak at My New Peacock Glamor Party!

Here is the Banner that goes with the {Glamor Girl Party} Tags & Toppers that were in my Previous post! The Banner is 7 feet long and says “Happy-2nd-Birthday-Sienna!”

This is a peak at the next party theme I am working on, that should be available in my Etsy Store soon. It it called {The Peacock Glamor Party} and will be available with many party accessories including Banners, Tags & Toppers and more!